URBAN-X: Reimagining the Recovery

Cities play a central role in the creation of economic opportunity, culture, and human connectivity. However, as COVID-19 has revealed in stark detail, modern cities face massive and interlinked challenges related to public health, transportation, aging infrastructure, social inequality, and climate adaptation and mitigation.   

To further highlight the innovative work being done in cities across the U.S., BMW Movement is launching a new storytelling campaign, Reimagining the Recovery. Our campaign begins by celebrating the entrepreneurs of URBAN-X, the accelerator for startups reimagining city life, created by MINI in partnership with Urban US. 

URBAN-X educates, invests in, and advocates for start-up companies that are using technology and design to address the most complex challenges faced by cities today. 

Throughout the series, we will hear from the individual Founders of URBAN-X’s Cohort 08, as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic to help create more efficient, equitable, enjoyable and livable cities.

Meet the companies of Cohort 08 below!

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