Smart Vehicles Are Getting Smarter with BMW ChargeForward

With communication technology and smartphone connectivity, how much more intelligent can smart vehicles get? BMW i is taking eco-friendly technology to the next level with smart electric vehicle charging – making the most of renewable energy while keeping public electric grids stable.

Partnering with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) BMW – is testing its “ChargeForward” program in the Bay Area, with the goal of supporting utility grid balance of supply and demand and renewable energy goals. Launched in 2015, 350 owners of electrified vehicles in the Bay Area are utilizing ChargeForward and reducing their energy consumption in the process.

“Our target is to offer charging power generated with the lowest possible CO2 emissions at most attractive prices to drivers of our electric cars,” says Dr. Joachim Kolling, Head of BMW Group Mobility and Energy Services.

ChargeForward supports BMW’s holistic sustainability vision, which includes electric mobility and sustainability initiatives. Phase 1 of the ChargeForward pilot demonstrated the capability of the program to charge BMW i3 vehicles while lowering electricity operation and maintenance costs. By improving grid conditions, this program is ultimately expected to help California realize its climate goals and reduce the total cost of EV ownership for consumers. 

Through this program, which is supported by a California Energy Commission grant, BMW will further explore the strategic management of a vehicle’s charging over time and space, including home, public and workplace charging, by aligning charging with wholesale energy market data and renewable generation.

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