MINI Feeds America

MINI Takes the States is a campaign to raise money for Feeding America, a network of over 200 food banks that provides food to over 46-million people that need it. All of the proceeds from MTTS go to Feeding America and those proceeds helped raise one-million meals. Over the course of the entire 2018 rally, more than 3,600 MINI owners took part, when combining all of the legs of the trip, with more than 1,000 MINI owners on the road at any given day.

One of our sources at MINI told us that the symbolism of having two legs of the trip, starting at either end of the country, meeting in the middle is not lost on the people at MINI. MINI Takes the States brings people together, both figuratively and literally, and it helps a good cause as well. If you own a MINI and you’ve yet to take part, we highly suggest it in 2020.

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