Meet the 2020 Women of BMW: Lindsey Wreathall

Here’s to the women who are empowering, inspiring, and leading others!

This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating our Women of BMW! Each nominee exemplifies the pillars of movement and BMW and serves as an inspiration for the BMW family. Throughout the series, we will hear the stories and advice from women leaders who have broken stereotypes and shattered glass ceilings. We created the #WomenofBMW series to highlight the progress of women in their roles throughout the automotive industry while motivating change going forward.

Name: Lindsey Wreathall

Division: Operations Business Strategy

Location: Ohio

Q: In a few words, describe your role at BMW?  

A: I have the honor of working with an amazing team who is responsible for a number of topics: Operations Strategy, Process Management and Quality, and Workforce Optimization. We support Operations on a variety of topics, and I am passionate about helping others learn more about our business through collaboration and data analysis. 

Q: How important do you believe mentoring and empowering women in the workplace is?  

A: Very; it is important to have role models, not only to help learn ways to overcome challenges but also provide honest feedback to continue to grow. Empowering through opportunities – and actually trusting someone, is also key. Sometimes you learn best by trying and failing, but it is better to be able to get a chance to try! 

Q: How do you feel you’ve grown professionally and personally throughout your time at BMW?  

A: I have learned a lot about myself in the 14 years I have been with BMW – through numerous roles I have learned how to be absolutely adaptable and open to change, and push myself to always learn. Personally, I have learned resiliency. My youngest son was born with a rare disease, and managing it on a daily basis has taught me to handle tough times but also enjoy the good.  This has definitely also allowed me to keep things in perspective, especially at work. 

Q: What advice would you give to women pursuing a career in your field?  

A: Be confident in yourself! No one knows everything, so there’s no need to pretend you do. Take every opportunity presented to you, and stay open-minded. If you believe in yourself, others will as well. 

Q: What inspires you in the workplace and why?  

A: I am personally motivated to do the right thing, always. We are all on the same team, and I like to take the time to understand various perspectives – if you know what is motivating someone, you can better help be a partner. At the end of the day I truly believe that everyone wants to do a good job, and I like to creatively figure out how to enable that within the business groups I support. 

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