Meet the 2020 Women of BMW: Jenn Hoying

Here’s to the women who are empowering, inspiring, and leading others!

This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating our Women of BMW! Each nominee exemplifies the pillars of movement and BMW and serves as an inspiration for the BMW family. Throughout the series, we will hear the stories and advice from women leaders who have broken stereotypes and shattered glass ceilings. We created the #WomenofBMW series to highlight the progress of women in their roles throughout the automotive industry while motivating change going forward.

Name: Jenn Hoying

Division: Financial Services

Location: Ohio

Q: In a few words, describe your role at BMW? 

A: I am the Portfolio Accounting Manager at BMW FS in Hilliard, OH for the team that is responsible for the financial integrity and accounting compliance for the BMW FS Retail Lease and Loan portfolio, BMW Bank Retail Loan and SUBI portfolio, Asset Backed Securitizations, Commercial Finance and Insurance lines of business.  

Q: As a leader, how important is it to foster a supportive workplace culture?  

A: Fostering support is essential and it goes beyond providing the right tools, systems and environment.  Acknowledging and understanding there may be differing priorities, tough times and periods that require hustle or time needed to reset is important.  Support also requires honesty, and at times, moments of uneasiness.  Timeliness of discussion and action promote a supportive culture to ensure the individual, team and company’s needs and objectives are met.  

Q: Your colleagues have described you as a leader, contributor, and a mentor to them. Do you feel these attributes were learned or did they come naturally throughout your career? 

A: I think we all have natural talents and strengths which we rely on, but no one succeeds by themselves.  Appreciate and learn from those around you, and in return share freely your knowledge and skills.

Q: What advice would you give to women pursuing a career in your field? 

A: You will receive lots of advice during your career – some good, some not so good.  Be sure to listen and watch closely to those who are acting and moving in the direction that you want to go.  Trust your instinct.

Q: What inspires you in the workplace and why? 

A: I am driven by the sense that there is always something to do and something to improve, and I take great satisfaction in accomplishments – big or small.  Time is usually at the forefront of my thinking when it comes to how I approach work, communicate, and interact with others.  Time is free, but it’s priceless.  Spend it wisely!  Work hard, but make sure you enjoy what you do and the people you work with.

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