Meet the 2020 Women of BMW: Brenda Mayne

Here’s to the women who are empowering, inspiring, and leading others!

This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating our Women of BMW! Each nominee exemplifies the pillars of movement and BMW and serves as an inspiration for the BMW family. Throughout the series, we will hear the stories and advice from women leaders who have broken stereotypes and shattered glass ceilings. We created the #WomenofBMW series to highlight the progress of women in their roles throughout the automotive industry while motivating change going forward.

Name: Brenda Mayne

Division: Financial Services

Location: Ohio

Q: In a few words, describe your role at BMW? 

A: I am responsible for managing the Escalations and Services Support teams. We provide support to the inbound call center through a variety of approaches including escalated customer issues and training and document processing. While I have enjoyed my time servicing our customers and learning our business, I am currently transitioning to a new position in FG. This has been a long term goal of mine and I am very excited for the new opportunity.   

Q: As a leader, how important is it to foster a supportive workplace culture? 

A: Creating the right workplace environment is pivotal to having successful teams which has a positive impact on our overall business. A supportive culture raises the morale, increases productivity and improves retention. More importantly, we create a safe environment where associates want to come into work every day, are less stressed and can focus on delivering premium results in their role. As one of my former associates recently told me, “The motivation to go the extra mile comes easy when you work for, and with, people who do the same for you.” 

Q: Your colleagues have described you as efficient, driven, and dedicated. Do you believe these attributes have helped you in your role at BMW?  

A: These attributes are at the heart of what has helped me to become successful at BMW. Finding efficiencies, especially within myself, has helped me tremendously in times when we have been challenged with resources. I have found that being driven and dedicated come naturally if you allow yourself to be motivated by the right reasons, whether it be finding a creative solution for a customer or working with an associate on achieving a goal that is important to them.

Q: What advice would you give to women pursuing a career in your field? 

A: My biggest piece of advice is to be assertive about your needs without feeling inferior. Women are often hesitant to raise their hand and ask for what they need – don’t be – it takes courage and people will respect you more for it. A manager once told me, “Brenda, don’t be afraid to be brave and stand up for what you believe is right.” This has stuck with me and helped propel me forward during difficult times. As a woman, we are often viewed as emotional, as if this is a negative quality. I would contend that my compassion for people has been my greatest strength when it comes to leading a team. We are not just in the automotive finance business, we are in the people business. 

Q: What inspires you in the workplace and why? 

A: As an individual, I am inspired by a complex challenge. I enjoy looking at a problem from different angles and working toward a sustainable solution. As a Team Leader, I am inspired by making an impact on my associates. Seeing them succeed, whether overcoming a difficult task or being promoted to a new role, drives me every day to work hard for them. If I ever feel myself faltering, I pull out a card from my team and I am instantly inspired by their words, “Thank you for taking the time to know the actual person behind the employee and for caring beyond these four walls.” 

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