Meet Cohort 08: Resonant Link

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company and how it is using innovative methods to solve urban challenges?

A: Autonomous and electric drones, robots, scooters, bikes, and vehicles are already reshaping the urban landscape and are set to dominate manufacturing, logistics, and transportation in the next decade and beyond. Despite this promise, there is still no good method for charging them quickly and automatically. Our breakthrough wireless chargers unlock the autonomous, electric revolution with fast and autonomous power.

Q: What inspired you to start your company?

A: There are rechargeable batteries in every mobile device, from smartphones all the way up to EVs. And with trillions of dollars to be invested in charging over the next decade, this is our chance to define the foundation of the next century of charging infrastructure. At Resonant Link, we want to make this infrastructure fast, zero-maintenance, and – most importantly – one that accelerates and enables electrification for the fleets that need it most.

Q: Tell us why you decided to apply to the URBAN-X Program? What were the key takeaways for your company during the program?

A: URBAN-X brings together investors and strategic partners in an unparalleled way for companies reimagining the future of urban life. The entrepreneur network proved invaluable for our early-stage company. The URBAN-X team is the best in the business both strategically and tactically, and the program itself added so much fuel to our fire. We added multiple Fortune 500 customers, opened two new markets, hired our first employee, received outside funding interest, and transformed our sales pipeline during the short few months in URBAN-X – all thanks to the amazing program and team.

Q: What advice to you have for other startups and/ or inspiring entrepreneurs looking to reimagine urban life?

A: Keep on keeping on. Don’t let the doubters cloud your vision and look for the partners already ready to believe. And apply to Urban-X!

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