LA CoMotion

In November, LA CoMotion brought together global mayors, leading technologists, public transit providers, as well as venture capitalists, start-ups, and mobility experts all with one shared vision—to transform every city in the world through the urban mobility revolution. The event included a Leadership Conference and a Mobility Festival, which provided attendees the opportunity to gain insights from mobility leaders and a first-hand immersive experience with the latest mobility tech.

MINI showcased the future of urban living and discussed its role and approach to solving urban mobility problems with NewCities.

MINI + Innovation

As an iconic urban brand, MINI has carried forward its roots as a visionary of efficient urban mobility that maximizes creative use of space to innovate beyond cars. MINI’s approach focuses on the future of electrified mobility, impactful design, urban living, and the important interplay between these areas.

MINI brought an Urban Living Cabin to the mobility festival to demonstrate how the creative use of space translates to real solutions for how we live, work and interact in our cities. Through URBAN-X, A/D/O, MINI Living, and MINI Fashion, the MINI brand is evolving into a lifestyle brand, investing in urban-tech startups, championing new approaches to urban living, and rethinking life, work, and play in urban environments.

Fireside Chat – The Human Connection

During LA CoMotion, BMW AG board member Peter Schwarzenbauer sat down for a fireside chat with Greg Lindsay, Senior Mobility Fellow at NewCities to discuss the human connection to future mobility. According to Mr. Schwarzenbauer, “The BMW Group has more responsibility than just creating cars. As a carmaker, the BMW Group sees its role in helping cities organize mobility to better serve citizens and provide service and product offerings across the entire mobility chain. The future shall be with zero accidents and zero emissions.” Watch the conversation in its entirety here.

No individual or group can revolutionize urban mobility on their own—forums like LA CoMotion play an important role in bringing together the movers and shakers of the mobility space and encouraging collaborative solutions.

One such collaboration is with the LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI), which was also supporting and partnering with LA CoMotion. Mr. Schwarzenbauer took the opportunity to meet with LACI President and CEO to tour the facility in close proximity to LA CoMotion and discuss BMW’s partnership and support for their work to accelerate transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement. Learn more about BMW’s partnership with LACI here.

Caption: BMW AG board member Peter Schwarzenbauer touring the LA Cleantech Incubator with President and CEO Matt Petersen and Alex Mitchell.

Looking to the future of technology and mobility, Mr. Schwarzenbauer believes, “With view to augmented and virtual reality I believe humans will want to meet other people in person. Mobility can help create this room for human connection. Electrification can be highly emotional and fun.”

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