Sustainable Production

At the BMW Group, we hold ourselves to the highest possible environmental standards, ensure our production is as efficient as possible, and strive to exceed our own success year over year.

Since beginning production in the United States in 1993, BMW has been committed to decreasing our environmental impact. Clean production processes, diverse energy sources, and green recycling all contribute to ensuring we are driving efficiency and sustainability throughout production. In 2017, BMW Manufacturing Co. in Spartanburg, SC recovered, reused, and recycled 97% of its waste.

From 2006 to 2017, per vehicle shipped the plant has decreased:

  • Water consumption by 53%
  • Energy consumption by 65%
  • Waste disposed of in a landfill by 86%
  • Industrial wastewater by 58%

In 1998, BMW Manufacturing Co. was one of the first automobile manufacturing facilities in the U.S. to attain ISO 14001 certification, which distinguishes corporations that effectively manage how their activities, products, and services impact the environment. The certification must be renewed every three years through an independent audit and BMW Manufacturing Co. is proud to have maintained its certification since 1998.

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