Gas to Energy Program

BMW Manufacturing Co. in Spartanburg, South Carolina captures methane gas from a local landfill as a renewable energy source to partially power the factory and prevent 92,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

In 2003, BMW initiated its Gas to Energy project to power four turbines at the BMW manufacturing plant in Spartanburg using methane gas from the nearby Palmetto Landfill. Developed by engineers from BMW and partners, Ameresco and Waste Management, the alternative energy system captures methane gas from the landfill and uses it to more efficiently cogenerate about 50% of the total energy demands for the BMW campus. In 2009, the project was expanded and increased electrical output from 14% to almost 30%.

The program reduces CO2 emissions by 92,000 tons per year or the equivalent to the benefit of planting over 23,000 acres of trees annually. Learn More.

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