Fostering Innovation

Innovation does not happen alone. The BMW Group is engaging stakeholders, policymakers, and influencers to find solutions that will change the world.

As the BMW Group seeks to shape future mobility, our sustainability experts are constantly seeking opportunities to engage with stakeholders around the world to discuss challenges and solutions. These dialogues shape our approach to sustainability and ensure we are driving a shared vision for the future.

In 2017, BMW i and TED partnered to extend the Next Visionaries challenge to solicit ideas on the future of mobility. Nearly 200 innovators from 42 countries offered ideas on new technology, approaches, and innovations that would change how people move. Judges from BMW and TED selected Sandra Phillips for her vision of autonomous and shared car networks transforming smaller cities to unlock social and economic mobility. Watch her full TED Talk.

Dialogues, Student Forums, and Partnerships

The BMW Groups holds an annual series of dialogues and forums aimed at generating feedback from stakeholders to inform our sustainability strategy and develop solutions to mobility challenges. This year’s theme is “Cities in Progress,” and the first dialogue was held in Los Angeles in June.

The BMW Group is partnering with LACI to accelerate transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement by 2028. Through the partnership, the BMW Group will collaborate with public and private sector leaders, utilities, and regulators to form partnerships and create transportation innovation that will establish the Zero Emissions 2028 Road Map.

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