Electro Mobility

The BMW Group is leading the charge for electric energy solutions that allow customers to realize their commitment to sustainability and take steps toward energy independence. Not only did BMW delivered 100,000 electric vehicles in 2017 alone thanks to our customers’ shared commitment to sustainability, but we are expanding our electric offerings across our family of vehicles—and ensuring these vehicles stand up to our long tradition of creating the best driving experience.

The BMW Group also dedicates resources to improving electric infrastructure that will facilitate more sustainable living now and in the future. BMW was the first automotive manufacturer to utilize a complete automotive high-voltage battery for energy storage. The battery storage system integrates with charging stations and solar panels, so customers can offset peak energy costs and have an available backup energy supply during power outages.

The BMW Group is also testing a pilot program, ChargeForward, that allows charging to be cheaper and cleaner by monitoring the electric grid and automatically charging when loads on the grid are at their lowest and renewable energy is at its most abundant, such as during peak sun hours.

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