Driving Schools

Driving is more complicated than simply following the rules of the road. Through our support of driver education programs, the BMW Group ensures that new and experienced drivers know how to react when road and driving conditions are not ideal.

Having the skills required to safely operate a vehicle is the responsibility of every driver on the road. To ensure drivers are operating cars safely, the BMW Group and our affiliates provide opportunities for hands-on instruction and practice responding to less than ideal driving conditions.

The Tire Rack Street Survival program was started 15 years ago by the BMW Car Club of America Foundation and provides teenagers with basic instruction on how to improve their vehicle handling and avoid unsafe driving situations. During the course of the program, participants use their own car to practice responding to real-life scenarios and learn about the handling limits of vehicles. The program recently celebrated its 1,000th class. Learn More.

The BMW Group operates two driving schools in the United States which provide hands-on instruction to drivers on how to safely operate their cars. The schools, located in California and South Carolina, feature programs for teens and adults alike and teach drivers how to react to changing road conditions and perform necessary skills like high-speed braking and emergency lane changes. Learn More.

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