ChargeForward Leverages Solar Energy Resources through Smart-Charging

ChargeForward is a pilot project currently being tested by the BMW Group in the Bay Area., The project aims to use as much solar energy as possible to charge electric vehicles, while keeping the public electricity grid stable. In partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), the BMW Group is developing smart software to monitor the electricity grid for high loads and defer charging to times when there is less strain on the infrastructure. The charging control system also responds flexibly when the weather is sunny to utilize the abundance of renewable energy. All of this happens almost unnoticeably for the customer, but simultaneously allows charging to be noticeably cleaner and cheaper.

In leading this project, BMW i is shaping the future of electric vehicle charging by figuring out how to make plentiful use of solar energy without ever overloading the public electricity grid. In 2017, ChargeForward entered into the second test phase and is now being fine-tuned to perform more sophisticated functions and give users information on the impact of their participation.

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