Celebrating Earth Day 2020

As a pioneer in climate protection, the BMW Group continues to pursue its ambitious goals to lower CO2 emissions throughout its value chain in order to make an impact. The plans primarily focus on renewable energy and innovative charging concepts that combine the right products with the right manufacturing which reduce the overall carbon footprint.

While the BMW Group focuses on cutting emissions and energy consumption, it doesn’t just stop there. The most ambitious goal includes the transition to clean energy worldwide. From the end of 2020 the company will purchase only CO2-free energy to power plants, office buildings, dealerships, and research centers.

Product, especially electrification, is another essential component of the BMW’s focus. The ChargeForward program brings together two key tools in the fight against climate change: vehicle electrification and renewable energy. In turn, both of these components encourage consumers worldwide in the transition to EV vehicles and clean energy.

By focusing on the entirety of the value chain to reduce global CO2 emissions, the BMW Group is making an impact in the fight against climate change. As we look towards the future, the path forward will include more changes in both product and manufacturing to promote green, clean energy.  

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