BMW Releases Safety Assessment Report of Autonomous Vehicle Testing

The BMW Group is committed to providing a thrilling driving experience while simultaneously ensuring safety for all. In collaboration with its partners, BMW is taking the next step in the future mobility by creating a scalable technology platform for a fully automated driving experience. Beginning in 2021, the BMW iNEXT will feature the BMW Group’s first secure Level 3 function for motorways and allowing drivers the option to use stable, safe, and fully-automated driving features. 

These innovative technologies are more important now than ever before. Automated vehicles present the potential to shape the future of mobility and increase safety and efficiency. BMW is committed to ensuring safety. Since the launch of the BMW Vision iNEXT concept in 2018, the BMW Group has pioneered the development of conditional driving automation with safety in mind. 

This Safety Assessment Report outlines our comprehensive approach to safety in automated driving, guided by the rules of the road set by lawmakers. By ensuring safety for all road users, we are plotting the course for the future of automated mobility.

Read the full report here

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