BMW Partners with Sustainable Dairy Farmers

What do dairy farms and smart vehicles have in common? A shared passion for innovative solutions that are good both for the environment and for local business and communities.

Through a new partnership with Straus Farms, an organic, California-based dairy farm and renewable energy producer, BMW is using green energy produced by Straus Farms to power their smart vehicles in Sonoma, California. Straus Farms uses advanced,  sustainable technology such as biodigestion, to create green electricity that California recognizes as having negative carbon emissions. Through its participation in BMW ChargeForward ,which allows drivers of smart vehicles to charge with green energy, Straus Farms provides smart charging to drivers in its local community.

Through this unique partnership, BMW and Straus Farms have met strict environmental standards and rules set in California, such as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard set this year. The program allows automakers like BMW to partner with renewable energy producers like Straus Farms to claim environmental credits and generate revenue for both businesses. Revenue, which for local farms like Straus Farms, can be used to continue to expand their sustainability practices.

Straus Farms hopes to build a second biodigester, and through the revenue generated by future partnerships like this one, eventually become the first carbon-neutral dairy farm in the world.

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