BMW Highlights ChargeForward Partners


The ChargeForward program is an innovative system that allows drivers to access renewable energy. This pioneering program was made possible through BMW’s unique partnership with PG&E. By working with energy providers in this first-of-its-kind partnership, BMW and PG&E demonstrated how renewable data from utilities can be shared with automakers to create programs for drivers that allow their vehicles to charge with more renewable energy. The partnership helps align renewable electricity consumption with energy generation, with hopes in the future for further grid optimization. 

UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center

BMW partnered with UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, which specializes in sustainable transportation, to evaluate and report results from the most recent phase of the pilot. As the lead research partner, UC Berkeley created a model and found that programs like ChargeForward can reduce greenhouse gas emissions of EVs by an additional 32 percent annually; and can increase the additional kWh of renewable electricity. The benefits of smart charging can create grid savings of about $325 per vehicle in California. 

Stay tuned to learn more about the ChargeForward program. 

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