BMW Electromobility Partnerships: Veloz

To achieve our climate goals, the BMW Group is playing a leading in producing and promoting electromobility options. Electromobility refers to electric powered mobility options this includes cars, e-bikes, electric motorbikes, and e-buses. At BMW, we have been working to make electromobility more viable within our product range. As electromobility options become more common, we are continuously challenging ourselves to do more. In fact, in 2019 BMW sold over 504,000 electric vehicles worldwide, setting ourselves apart as more than an automaker but a driver of change.  

Our path towards electromobility for all is centered upon the goals and initiatives we’ve developed through public-private partnerships. For example, we’re working to voluntarily align our fleet and apply uniform standards to help the US State of California to meet its goal to reduce emissions by 3.7% per year between 2022 to 2026. 

Our partners such as Veloz are also integral to our electromobility awareness and initiatives. Veloz is a nonprofit organization made up of a high powered, and diverse board and members from key sector companies, agencies, and nonprofits. Through their work, Veloz is accelerating the shift to electric cars through public-private collaboration, engagement, and policy education innovation. One key initiative is the Electric for All campaign that is geared towards drivers in California to steer them away from fossil fuels by educating them on the numerous benefits of electric cars. By electrifying the California market, Veloz is changing the world’s auto market.  

As we look towards the future of sustainable individual mobility, the BMW group strongly believes in the importance of public-private partnerships. It’s clear that as companies continue to transition to electromobility, innovative approaches and diverse partnerships will be essential for driving progress. 

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