BMW donates $1 Million to African American Museum

This year, BMW donated $1 million to the International African American Museum, bringing the waterfront Charleston project within $2 million of its private fund-raising goal. The gift, one of the biggest to date, will be recognized in the Orientation Theater, where guests will begin their visit.

Former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, who announced the vision for the museum by the Maritime Center in his 2000 State of the City Address, said BMW’s endorsement should be a sign of the project’s importance to the state. Riley has been working to persuade lawmakers to include a $5 million allocation to the museum in this year’s budget. The Senate included the $5 million in an amended budget that was sent back to the House.

Museum CEO Michael Boulware Moore said the relationship between BMW and South Carolina “illustrates that even the largest, most internationally renowned institutions can benefit greatly from local, pointed focus.”

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