BMW Continues To Meet Sustainability Goals

The BMW Group understands that shaping sustainable mobility requires setting ambitious goals and carrying out rigorous measurement to ensure constant improvement. To this end, we recently released the 2018 edition of our annual Sustainable Value Report (SVR). The 2018 SVR provides information on current measures and achievements during the 2018 reporting year, as well as updates on concrete progress towards fulfilment of the company’s sustainability goals. 

“Sustainability is a holistic task that is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy,” says Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “In addition to developing innovative products and services, responsible use of resources is another central concern of all that we do—with clear objectives and measures that we are setting for ourselves and successfully implementing.” 

The BMW Group set ten strategic sustainability targets, which we have been consistently pursuing since 2001 with the goal of having full completion by 2020. These goals fit within three key areas: products and services; production and value creation; and employees and society. 

The hard work has been paying off. Some of the progress we made in 2018 includes:

More than 140,000 electrified vehicles sold worldwide 

Today, we are the European market leaders in electric vehicles and  are electrifying all brands and model series. Our approach isn’t just reducing emissions and increasing sustainability, we’re also expanding our customers’ digital world into their vehicles.

79 percent of electricity purchased worldwide from renewable resources 

We’re working to reduce our overall environmental footprint during the manufacturing process. By 2020, we are working to have all plants worldwide run on green electricity.

Relative CO2 emissions per vehicle produced decreased by 2.4 percent    

We will continue to meet the statutory COlimit worldwide. By 2020, we will have reduced CO2 emissions in the European new vehicle fleet by at least 50 percent.

Over the coming years, the BMW Group will continue to push towards achieving increasingly ambitious sustainability goals across all areas of our business and in every market where we operate. In the U.S., BMW Movement will continue to showcase what the company is doing both internally, and in our communities as good corporate citizens, to ensure that we are leading the way as the most sustainable mobility provider in the world. 

For an overview of the Sustainable Value Report, please see our 2018 Sustainability Factbook

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