BMW has always been about the thrill of putting people in motion, and we put the same ingenuity, expertise, and resources to the service of moving society forward.

BMW is testing a new service that will optimize renewable energy sources to power electric vehicles.

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Care4Water is the global BMW Group Financial Services initiative with a simple mission: Give access to clean water to people in need.

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Creating innovative solutions to advance society is something BMW has done every day since it was founded more than 100 years ago.

Our approach to Corporate Social Innovation brings together the proven business model of BMW, the innovative spirit of our culture, and the passion of our employees to find solutions that will improve the lives of people worldwide. The BMW Group’s commitment to CSI in the U.S. is something we consider a core value and this mission has been a part of our identity from the start. We are convinced that the lasting economic success of any enterprise in today’s world is based increasingly on acting responsibly and pursuing social improvement. We are pleased that our innovations not only benefit our customers, but also have a positive impact on both society and the environment we all share.

A Conversation with Micah Kotch on MINI’s Accelerator URBAN-X

As the world continues to respond to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the BMW Group is committed to driving lasting impact through innovation and technology....

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  •   Sustain

    We take social and environmental responsibility for everything we do and are dedicated to leading the charge for increased efficiency and state-of-the-art sustainability solutions.

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  •   Innovate

    The BMW brand has always been synonymous with innovation, and we’re applying that same spirit to solving society’s mobility challenges – now and in the future.

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  •   Teach

    The BMW Group is committed to not only creating jobs, but supporting our future technicians and engineers through STEM education and training programs in the U.S.

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  •   Protect

    As a corporate citizen, the BMW Group is committed to giving back to ensure our customers and employees, their families, and the communities they live in are strong, healthy, and safe.

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The BMW Group believes in an open and transparent approach to business and innovation in the U.S. MOVEMENT^ᴮᴹᵂ is a platform for sharing successes, challenges, and opportunities that we believe will serve as a catalyst for bigger and better ideas that will change the world.